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Our mission

Owners and managers of UK start ups, small and medium sized businesses often work 365 days per year to run, innovate and grow their businesses, particularly in this highly challenging business environment.

In many, if not all, industry sectors, systems, technology and outsourced services have become integral to SMEs running efficiently and effectively and to help them achieve their growth ambitions.

However, these systems and services can be complex and difficult to understand while SME owners and managers have little time on their hands to carry out in-depth research, analysis and assessment.

Our aim at Business Lowdown is to provide owners and managers of UK small or medium sized business, who are looking to acquire or upgrade a business system or service, with high quality, unbiased and detailed information to help them understand how that system or service operates, what the most appropriate type of systems or service might be for their business and who the best suppliers are in the UK market to meet their requirements.

There is no cost to SMEs from using our service.

Our background

We have spent over twenty five years working in media, publishing and the business information sectors. During those years, we have run small businesses and have gone through all the trials and tribulations of investigating, procuring and installing new technology, systems and processes.

When running a small business, and going through the process of assessing the right technology and systems for that business, we were disappointed at the quality and clarity of information being provided for UK SMEs to help them make, what can be significant and costly procurement decisions.

We therefore decided to set up a new venture creating our own in-depth information guides and to share them with the UK small and medium size business community.

We have a highly experienced in-house team and also a panel of systems and technology experts who advise us on the accuracy of our content.

Our business model

We are transparent about our business model. We currently have two revenue streams:

Online advertising

The Website displays advertising on a number of its pages and in a number of positions on those pages. We receive revenue from the advertising networks based on certain web page usage metrics.

Please see our Privacy Policy for more information on online advertising.

Affiliate links

The Website provides information on certain suppliers of services, systems or technology. We provide links from our Website to those suppliers’ websites.

Some of our links to these suppliers may be ‘affiliate links’ e.g. we receive a commission from the supplier if you click on the link and subsequently make a purchase from that supplier.

Becoming a business partner

We are very interested in expanding our offering to providing more opportunities for high quality suppliers of business services, systems and technology to reach our audience.

Please email james@businesslowdown.co.uk if you would like to discuss options for Website and/or other digital sponsorship.

What to do if you find incorrect information on the Website

We strive to ensure that all content on the Website is comprehensive, current and accurate at the time of publishing.

However, suppliers change packages, pricing and offers over time and technology itself is evolving rapidly. This may result in inaccuracies with our content or information becoming out of date.

If you are aware of any inaccuracies with our content we would value your feedback and will endeavour to correct any mistakes as soon as possible. Please use our Contact form to send us any comments that you have.

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