Business phone systems

This is the main photograph for the business phone systems category page. It shows a female employee answering a telephone call using a head set.

Photo by Mike Meyers on Pixabay.

Despite recent rapid changes in technology, with email and social media becoming common business communication channels, verbal interaction with customers and suppliers remains a key day to day activity for most businesses.

If you are upgrading your phone system or looking to install an entirely new service, selecting the right phone system for your business can increase your employee productivity, improve customer service levels and lower costs.

Furthermore, as we discuss in our articles, significant changes in UK telecommunications infrastructure are already underway, with BT and other telephone networks transitioning to Voice over IP (VoIP) technology, which will have a fundamental impact on UK business telephony and selecting the right business phone system for your business.

We have set out below a series of articles to provide you with detailed information on how business phone systems work, which type of system might be most suitable for your business and to provide guidance on the best business phone supplier for you.