Privacy policy

Last Updated: 26 June 2020

1. Introduction

  1. At Quiet Oak Limited we treat protecting your privacy with the utmost seriousness. We aim to fully comply with the Data Protection Act 2018, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (‘GDPR’) and other relevant legislation as they apply to our company.
  2. Personal data, as defined by GDPR legislation, means any information relating to a living individual who can be identified, either directly or indirectly, from this information. Examples of personal data could include your name, email address, telephone number and other personal details.
  3. This Privacy Policy applies where we are acting as a data controller with respect to the personal data of our Website users.
  4. We use cookies on our website. We will request your consent to our use of cookies, where those cookies are not strictly required for the operation of the Website, when you first visit the Website. Please see our Cookie Policy for more detail.
  5. We may offer you additional services in the future. Any such additional service may have supplemental privacy terms specific to that service. You will always be informed of any additional terms at the time of providing your personal data.
  6. References to “we”, “us” and “our” in this Privacy Policy refer to Quiet Oak Limited.
  7. Use of links within the Website to third-party websites
  8. This Privacy Policy only applies to data collected by us, through our website or ancillary services, and does not apply to any third-party websites and third party service providers.
  9. If/when you move from our Website to a third-party website via a link in our content, our Privacy Policy will cease to apply as your browsing on a third-party website and/or your interaction with a third party service provider, is governed by that third-party website, or service provider’s, own policies.
  10. We do not audit, oversee or endorse the data collection procedures nor privacy policies of any third parties.

2. Our contact details

  1. This Privacy Policy relates to (the ‘Website’) which is owned by Quiet Oak Limited.
  2. Quiet Oak Limit is registered in England & Wales with company number is 12549433 and its registered office is 44 North Road, Great Abington, Cambridgeshire CB21 6AS.
  3. You can contact us with any questions about this Privacy Policy as follows:
    1. Email our Data Protection Officer:
    2. Write to us at: Data Protection Officer, Quiet Oak Limited, 44 North Road, Great Abington, Cambridgeshire CB21 6AS.

3. What personal data we collect

  1. A certain amount of your personal data, including a unique identifier and your IP address, will be collected through our and/or our service providers’ cookies and/or similar technology.
  2. A ‘pop-up’ notice will appear on the Website, informing you that we use cookies, when you visit the Website for the first time.
  3. For further information see our Cookie Policy.

4. The legal grounds that we rely on relating to personal data

  1. There are six lawful bases set out in Article 6 of the GDPR legislation under which organisations can collect, use and store personal data, and at least one of those bases must apply whenever an organisation processes personal data:
    1. Consent;
    2. Contract;
    3. Legal obligation;
    4. Vital interests;
    5. Public task;
    6. Legitimate interests.
  2. The lawful bases that we rely upon for our business operations are Consent, Contract, Legal obligation, Legitimate Interests.
  3. Consent: On certain occasions we rely on your specific consent e.g. where you proactively agree and ‘opt-in’. You will always have the opportunity, and we will be clear how, to withdraw your consent at any time.
  4. Contract: In certain circumstances where you wish to use or acquire our products or services, to enable us to respond to, and fulfil, your request we rely on the lawful basis of ‘performance of contract’.
  5. Legitimate Interests: In certain activities, we balance our and your interests and do not believe those activities have a negative impact on your privacy rights. In those situations, we rely on the lawful basis of legitimate interests. In particular we rely on legitimate interests to:
    1. Send you marketing communications about our services and products;
    2. Send you marketing communications concerning a third-party organisation’s services and products;
    3. Personalise the marketing materials that we provide to you;
    4. Share your contact details with a named sponsor when you engage with that sponsor’s content;
    5. Undertake advertising and business sales;
    6. Research publicly available business contact details;
    7. Customise the Website content.
  6. Legal obligation: In certain situations, we are obliged by law to hold your personal data or required to disclose it to a third-party.
  7. Please note that you always have the option of objecting to our marketing messages or our reliance on the legitimate interests lawful basis.
  8. For more detail on each lawful basis, please consult

5. How we use your personal data

1. Personalising the Website and/or marketing content

  1. We may use your personal data to make our marketing communications more relevant to you and your particular interests. We try and do this through analysing data such as your use of the Website, your role, your location and/or your previous interactions with other of our marketing communications. You always have the right to object to our use of your personal data in this way, but such an objection would mean that we would not be able to send you marketing materials in the future.
  2. We strive to make our Website and its content as interesting and relevant to you as possible, and to provide you with tailored advertisements and recommendations. In order to achieve this, we use cookies and other similar technologies, provided by various technology partners, to assist us in getting a better understanding of how you engage with our Website (e.g. which content or web pages you viewed on prior visits).
  3. Please see our Cookie Policy for more information.

2. Notifications

  1. We may wish to send you a notification concerning new content on the Website. This type of notification may be sent to you using your browser or internet device and will be displayed for you depending on your browser or your internet device’s operating system.
  2. You will not be sent a notification unless you have ‘opted in’ to receive notifications from us, and you will always have the right and opportunity to unsubscribe from and ‘opt out’ of receiving such notifications.
  3. If you have opted in to receiving such notifications, data (linked to a cookie identifier) will be collected about your internet device or browser, the date and time of your first visit and last visit to the Website, and the number of times that you have visited the Website.
  4. Please see our Cookie Policy for more information.

3. Sponsor content

  1. We may provide content from our sponsors, such as interviews, white papers or webcasts. You will often be asked to create a free online account, before accessing this type of content. When you register for an online account, we will collect standard work contact details, company and job information.
  2. When viewing content that has been sponsored by a third-party organisation, we will also request your permission to share your details with that sponsor. We will share basic work contact details and some of the other information that you provided when you created your account, or that has been collected subsequently when accessing the specific content.
  3. We will always provide a link to the relevant sponsor’s privacy policy so that you are completely aware of how they will process your personal data.
  4. You will always have the option to let us know that you do not want us to share this information with a sponsor.

4. Digital advertising

  1. We show advertisements on the Website as they are an important revenue generator for our business, helping to fund the development of our content, services and products.
  2. The Website displays advertisements for third-party businesses as well as our own services and products.
  3. The Website may display different types of online advertising including:
    1. Contextual advertising e.g. advertisements that are shown relating to the content of the page that you are visiting;
    2. Behavioural advertising e.g. advertisements that are shown based on the data that we have gathered from your previous visits and the pages and content that you have previously engaged with.
  4. The data that we collect consists of information about the pages and content that you have engaged with.
  5. Our advertising partners, and ourselves, check if specific advertisements have been seen and/or whether they were clicked on, to ensure that the advertising is effective and appropriate. This also has the added benefit of restricting the regularity that an advertisement is displayed to you.
  6. Many of the actions set out above rely on the use of cookies and other similar tracking technologies installed on the Website by us and our advertising partners. We will notify you that we use cookies and other similar tracking technologies when you visit the website. As always, you can provide your permission and/or can alter your preferences at any time.
  7. Please visit our Cookie Policy for more information.

5. Marketing communications

  1. In the process of collecting your personal data we will provide a notice to inform you and provide you with options as to what direct marketing communications you may or may not wish to receive from us in the future.
  2. You will only receive marketing communications from us:
    1. Where you have provided your consent (e.g. you have ticked a box or boxes on a web page, or clicked a ‘button’ to submit a web-form); or
    2. Where we believe we can demonstrate a legitimate interest and have balanced this with your privacy and interests.
  3. You can stop receiving direct marketing information from us at any time. We will provide a straightforward way to do this on any communication that we send to you.
  4. In the case of electronic marketing communications (e.g. via email, telephone or SMS) we follow the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations rules.
  5. In circumstances where you share your personal data with us in relation to a particular service, we may also share some of that data with a third-party for their own marketing and sales purposes. We will not do this unless you have provided us with your permission to share that data for that purpose. As an example, we may ask for your permission to share your details with a third party when you access a sponsored webinar.

6. Sharing your personal data

  1. We may share your personal data, as approved by you or under circumstances described below, with a third-party organisation.

1. If we are legally required to disclose your personal data

We may be required to disclose your personal data to comply with a legal obligation. Any such requests will be strictly verified before we would share your personal data.

2. Disclosing your personal data to our suppliers

  1. We use certain organisations to assist us in providing the highest level of service to our users and customers. As an example, we use to provide analytics on the Website. These organisations provide their services under strict contractual agreements with us. Please click on the following link for more information with respect to Google’s use of data –

How Google uses data when you use our partner’s sites or apps.

2. We restrict the personal data that we share with our service suppliers to the minimum amount of data strictly required to enable a supplier to provide their specific service to us.

7. Children

  1. The Website and our services are targeted at businesses owned or managed by persons over 18 years old.
  2. If we have reason to believe that we hold personal data of a person under 18 years of age, we will delete that personal data.
  3. We do not knowingly or intentionally send marketing communications to children
  4. If you are a parent or guardian and are concerned that we may be processing personal data related to your child, please contact us via our contact details set out above.

8. Your rights under data protection legislation

1. Overview

  1. In this section we summarise the rights that you have under data protection legislation. Data protection legislation is complicated and these summaries are not comprehensive. You should familiarise yourself with the appropriate legislation and advice from the relevant regulatory bodies for detail on your right.
  2. Your principal rights under data protection legislation are the right to:
    1. Access;
    2. Rectification;
    3. Erasure;
    4. Restrict processing;
    5. Object to processing;
    6. Data portability;
    7. Complain to a supervisory authority; and
    8. Withdraw consent.
  3. Please use the contact details, set out at the start of this Privacy Policy, to exercise any of your rights.
  4. In the UK the supervisory body for data protection is the Information Commissioner’s Office.

2. Right to access your personal data

  1. You have the right to request a copy of the personal data that we retain relating to yourself together with what we are using it for – this is referred to as a ‘Subject Access Request’.
  2. During the process of replying to any such Subject Access Request we may request evidence of your identity as a security measure to ensure that your personal data is not accidentally sent to another person.
  3. We aim to respond to any Subject Access Request as soon as practicable, and at least within one calendar month of your request.

3. Right to rectify your personal data

  1. You have the right to rectify the personal data that we hold on you.
  2. If you believe or find that the personal data that we retain for you is inaccurate or not current please inform us immediately and we will rectify the data as soon as is practicable.

4. Right to erase your personal data

  1. You have the right to request that the personal data that we hold on you is deleted. If you exercise that right we aim to respond to your request as soon as practicable, and at least within one calendar month of your request.
  2. We may have disclosed your personal data to a third-party organisation. If that is the case, we will contact each such organisation and relate your request to them, unless contacting such organisations is impossible or involves disproportionate level of resources. You have the right to request a list of all organisations with whom we have shared our personal data.

9. Data security

1. Storing and processing your personal data

  1. Our offices, and our hosting facilities for the Website, are situated in the UK.
  2. We use,which is located in the United States of America, for the Website’s analytics . The European Commission has legislation making an ‘adequacy decision’ in relation to the data protection laws of each of these countries.
  3. Transfers of data between these countries are protected by safeguards, including the use of standard data protection clauses adopted or approved by the European Commission. A copy of such clauses can be found on
  4. You acknowledge that personal data that you have submitted for publication via the Website or through one of our services may be accessible, via the internet, worldwide. We are unable to stop the use (or misuse) of such personal data by third-parties.

2. Security of your personal data

  1. We utilise appropriate technical and organisational precautions to ensure that your personal data is stored securely, prevent unauthorised access to that data and prevent its loss, misuse or alteration.
  2. We have stringent processes in place to prevent unauthorised access.
  3. Where we transfer personal data to a third-party we require any such third-party to have appropriate security measures in place.

3. Length of time retaining your personal data

  1. Personal data that we hold or process for any purpose, for instance the provision of a product or service to you, shall not be kept for a longer period than is required to satisfy that purpose.
  2. In certain circumstance we may be required to retain your personal data for a longer period of time for contractual or legal reasons, or to protect your vital interests or the vital interests of another natural person.

4. Reporting security issues to us

  1. If you discover a potential security breach please report it to us as soon as possible at
  2. We will investigate the issue and keep you informed of our findings as soon as is practicable. Please note that publicly disclosing a potential security issue could put other users at risk, and therefore we would urge you to inform us first.

10. Cancelling marketing communication

  1. You can contact us about any marketing communications that you are receiving, and/or to stop all marketing communications, using our contact details below:
    1. Write to us at Data Protection Officer, Quiet Oak Limited, 44 North Road, Great Abington, Cambridgeshire CB21 6AS.
    2. Email our Data Protection Officer at
  2. At any time you can stop any or all marketing communications that we send to you:
    1. Emails: Any marketing email that we send to you will always contain an unsubscribe link.
    2. Post: Any postal communication will include information on how to stop receiving direct mail in the future.
    3. Phone: If you receive a marketing telephone call from us, you can stop calls in the future by letting the call operator know your preference.
    4. SMS: You can text ‘STOP’ to any SMS message that we have sent to you.

11. Cookie policy

  1. You can find our Cookie Policy here.

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